Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Gossip Game: I Prefer Angry Birds

Last night, while flipping through channels, I stopped on VH1. Call me crazy, but sometimes I like to watch 'Mob Wives.' I know, I know, but sometimes it's nice to see a group of non-black women acting a mess on TV. Plus, I love that they're actually gangsta. Not just a "chick from the hood who humped a rapper/athlete and got on TV" gangsta. They're like, "I'm gonna put a hit out on you for talking ish" gangsta. Just saying. I don't condone violence though.

Anyway, there wasn't a rerun of 'Mob Wives.' Instead, a new show, 'The Gossip Game' was on. I believe this was the first episode.


I missed some of the introductions, but there is a mix of radio personalities, journalists, and bloggers, all of whom focus on hip-hop. That sounded like it could be promising...

But silly me thinking that a group of women with actual careers would act like they had some sense. In fact, I'm more upset with them than the average basketball _______ (fill in the blank as you see fit).

What happened to professionalism?! To watch these women on television, you wouldn't know the gems they truly are. They are successful radio hosts, able to succeed with a dying format. Journalists, ever on the hunt for a new scoop, AP Stylebook at their side. Bloggers, utilizing the advent of social media to forge their way.

What did we see instead? More woman on woman, black woman on black woman, drama. This show should be an ode to the successes of these black woman, and empowering for the viewers, especially those of the female variety. Instead, it's yet another foray into a few of the "deadly sins," the lowest of common denominators among all people--namely envy, wrath, and pride.

Anyone will tell you that success takes hard work, sacrifice, and drive. First impressions are everything. That you never burn a bridge. And that ultimately, you are the gatekeeper for your brand, your image. I'm sad to say that my first introduction to these ladies was so negative.

Alas, I don't think I'll be watching again. I'll get my black female inspiration from other sources. If I want to hear a successful radio host, I'll tune up the old alarm clock. If I'm seeking a new journalist? I'll read Ebony, Essence, etc. I need a new blog to stalk? Luckily, I'm part of a network of wonderful ladies, committed to uplifting one another. Time to blog hop!

Did anyone else catch the show? Thoughts?


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